Saturday, February 18, 2012

Permanant Love

So I have been saying for days that I was going to write this blog and my sisters threw a wrench in the plans. Well that is because I wanted to do a blog on tattoos that we(siblings and I) have gotten in memory of Brien. The sisters decided to get match tats in memory of Bri on the 11th anniversary of his death. So I couldnt do the blog until theirs were done. Then I just kinda got lazy.

Kyle, Stacey, Kake and I all have a permanent mark of our love for Brien inked on our skin. I know we all have ours for slightly different reasons. But one reason that remains the same is for a memory of Brien we carry everywhere.

Kyle got his first. Within the first year(I believe) of Brien's death. He went with his best friend Daniel who is also Katie's older brother. Kyle got his tat and Daniel got the same one with Katie's name and if I remember correctly color.

I have two tats for Brien, one on my lower back and one on my wrist. My wrist tat is in memory of the three of them and it has Brien's basketball number as well.

Kake has a total of 3 tats for Brien. One of Bri's initials on her wrist, an angel down her side and a basketball on her ankle.

For some reason I dont have a picture of Kake's wrist tat.

Stacey just recently got her Brien tat. It is the same as Kake's they did it together.

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