Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Everyone has a favorite memory of someone they love that has gone on to shoot hoops with Jesus. I am no different. I have a memory of Brien that is honestly my favorite memory prolly of all time. I think of it often because it always brings a smile and maybe a tear or two. And I am very blessed that this memory also includes Katie and Curtis. Honestly it should because those three were stuck together like glue. And in a way they still are. I haven't shared this memory with anyone in a long time. I guess I like to keep it to myself but its time to share the memory now. I am going to write this little memory more in the way I talk, so please excuse the abundance of so's, ands, and likes.

I think I might have been 14, Brien 12 and Katie and Curtis 13ish maybe we were all a little older. So to start off this story there is something you need to know. I had a HUGE and i mean huge crush on a neighbor boy name Michael Damico. If you grew up in my neighborhood or knew me as a teenager this comes honestly as no shock. Also as a teenager I was quite shy. One day Mike and I were sitting on the curb in front of Katie Nelson's house talking. We were sitting pretty close to each other. Probably flirting with each other in the best way I know how which isnt very good even now. It was dark outside prolly just after dust. The Nelson's outside lights were on but for the most part Mike and I were in the dark. We thought (or I thought I wont think for Mike) we were alone. One thing I have learn is growing up in my neighborhood one is never alone. Anyhoo Mike and I were talking some serious talk, whatever was serious at that age I guess. We were facing the street, therefore our backs to the driveway. Next thing we know Brien is signing that old K-I-S-S-I-N-G song. You know that one kids sing. Insert Mike and I's names. Sing it to yourself really loud. That was Brien singing. As if that wasnt embaressing enough now add Katie and Curtis acting out the song pretend they were us. Then Bri stops singing and Katie and Curtis go into a nice little skit they made up. It went something like this. (before i get into the script as i remember it, i am sorry for the ignorant remarks we were kids and this stuff was funny to us. )

Curtis(playing mike): Oh Aimee, will you be my girlfriend
Katie(playing me): Oh mike I thought you would never ask but are you sure we can you know cuz your mormon and i am not.(Little background Mike at this time wasnt mormon but a lot of his friends were.)
Curtis: Oh.. I will quit being mormon just for you.
Katie:  Oh mike.. (insert kissy noises etc)
Brien: And they dated all through high school.
Curtis: (down on one knee) Aimee will you marry me?
Katie: Oh yes mike
Brien: Today we are gathered here to join these two in holy matormony. will you mike take aimee to be your lawful wedded wife until death do you part?
Curtis: I do
Brien: Aimee do you take Mike to be your lawful wedded husband until death do you part?
Katie:  I do
Brien: Now you may kiss the bride: (Insert really loud annoying kissy noises)

by this time I was really really beat red with embaressment. And Mike finally tells them to quit it.
And we all laughed and laughed.

This is my favorite memory not because i was truely embaressed but because this little skit was ment just for me(and mike). And this was just the way the three of them were. Fun to be around, funny and full of mischieve. I miss that.

These pictures are from my 16th birthday party

From the back left, Daniel Nelson(Katie's big brother), Mike Damico, Sarah(my cousin), next row from left, Annie(my cousin) Me, Stacey(my sister) Brien, and Kake(my sister)

Oh fun times! From left around the trash can Brien's legs are sticking out of. Annie, Daniel, Mike, Katie Nelson, Stacey, Kake, and Aaron(baby brother).

Brien and Mike

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