Friday, February 10, 2012


*This post belongs to yesterday Thursday February 9th. Between work and driving to AZ I didn't have the time to post but I did write this post out. *

You know when you drive down the street or freeway and you see those little crosses? 11 years ago I would barely even look at them. Barely even notice. I life was lost there and I barely even took notice. I didn't let it upset my day or my moment. Like that life didn't mean anything. On a rare occasion if the flowers fresh or there were balloons tied to the cross, I might think "Oh how sad". But it was never anything beyond that.
Fast forward eleven years and those crosses take a whole new meaning for me. Now when driving if I pass by a cross, I slow down and say a little prayer for that family. And for a moment in time, just a moment I miss that person. I miss the impact that person could have had on my life, I miss the moment he or she could have been laughing or playing with his or her family.

So even if you have never had to endure the pain of placing a cross on the side of the road take moment to remember those lives and the lives of the families.

                                         {Christmas 2010, Brien(in picture frame) with his siblings and
                                               niece. Top Kurt, next row left to right, Kyle, Kake, Aaron,
                                                   bottom left to right, Katie, Aimee, Maddie, and Stacey}

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