Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Little Ceasar

So I had this great post all lined up for today but two of my awesome sisters threw a wrench in the plans so that post will be moved until tomorrow or thursday. Now I dont really have a clue what to write. I dont plan these blogs out in advance just kinda go as the day takes me. So sorry if this makes no sense.

Today is the day of love, it is also Arizona's 100th birthday. Eleven years ago it was the last day Brien ever laid his head on his pillow for the night.  This is what I always think about on valentines day.

Brien was filled with so much love for others. I just wanted the world to know that. He never met a person he didnt like. He was the most popular kid in school not because he was the tallest, handsomest, richest or even the funniest(even though he was pretty funny and handsome) he was just the most outgoing, caring, friendliest person you'd ever meet. He knew no stranger. He could charm his way into a starring role just with his smile. Which he did by the way. It took me  a good 5 hours to watch youtube video of old 90's commercials to find the one where Brien charmed his way into one of the principal roles but after searching for it for forever I finally found it. Orginally Brien was only supposed to be an extra, but the director saw him and his adorable face and casted him as the principal. In this little ceasars commercial Brien is the little boy with the baseball glove smiling huge into the camera. Enjoy!

Click here to see it

Finding this commercial has also made me want to find all his other commercials.

This picture was one of his headshots.

****This post was the Feb 14th post but it took me all night to find the commercial*****

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