Monday, February 6, 2012

Ranch Dressing

For some reason today all I kept thinking about was Brien and his ranch dressing. I swear that boy put ranch on EVERYTHING! And I mean everything. But I am sure if he had a choice he wouldnt have to put it on his salad because he hated salad. I am not sure why this is what I thought about today. But I was thinking about what to write on this little blog and all that came to mind was ranch dressing. I know its weird. Maybe Brien was eating his favorite food and wanted me to know. Maybe in his part of heaven everything is made of ranch dressing.
I guess when people whom you love dearly die, the littlest things make you think of them. Whatever it may be even its as something as everyday as ranch dressing. So today look around you. Look at your loved ones and remember that little small moment. Take time to take it all it. Smile, laugh, be silly and eat lots of ranch dressing. Maybe that what Brien was trying to tell me. Its ok to put ranch on everything, its ok to be different, its ok to love ranch but hate salad, its ok to let go have fun and love ranch dressing. So today LOVE ranch dressing and dont worry about tomorrow.

{Brien, his sister, Stacey and cousin Matt}

{Cousin Wesley and Brien}

{Friend Jeff hanging Brien by his toes}

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