Saturday, February 4, 2012

More birthday wishes

Well after I posted the virtual birthday card for Brien.. even more people wanted to say something. Sorry again if I forgot yours.

happy birthday brien i miss you dude from Joe

Miss you Brien. Happy Heavenly B'day! Love you, Nana Rose

We miss you Brien on your 25th Birthday! Love Uncle David

 caught myself remembering the last tournament he was in. He was on my team, and I think we won. A lovely memory of him and I feel very blessed to have it. Happy Birthday Brien! ♥ Marie

I know there was a few more people who wished him a happy birthday, Dorothy, Ms Yu,  Tammi, Michelle, and his best bud Dom.

Thank you all again for your wonderfully kind words and thoughts. I know that somehow Brien reads this blog and says thank you for all the great birthday wishes.

I went and saw him today. It was nice just me and him. It was quiet and calm and quite peaceful. And a tad bit chilly. I stayed until they closed the gates.

I often catch myself wondering what Brien would be like. Where his life would have lead to. If he would have gotten the same teachers in high school his siblings got? Would he have a Kurt like impression on Ms Yu? Or would he have tested the waters with Ms Plummer? Where would he have gone after high school. College? Straight to a career? Some how I know two things for certain he would have done. First no matter where his life would have taken him he would have been somehow involved in sports. I can see him as a ESPN announcer. Or working for the Clippers or Cowboys. The second thing for sure is he would have  been absolutely in love with his niece, Madison. He would have just as much energy as her. I can almost see both their big blue eyes sparkling with laughter. I can almost see them playing together. Sometimes when I look at Maddie I can see a little bit of Brien in her. In a look or her mischievous smile.
Its hard not to think of all the what-ifs. But I guess we will never know what could have been.

***Dont forget to share a story that you may have of Brien***

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